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What is the main trend of paper holder development in the future?

What is the main trend of paper holder development in the future?

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  • 09/08/2019
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As a new type of packaging widely used at present, paper holder has many different types to choose from in process, color and structure, which can meet the application needs of different enterprises. At present, paper holder has gradually replaced many traditional packaging in the market. It has great advantages in practicability, environmental protection and resource saving, so the paper holder industry has a good development trend. So what is the main trend of paper holder development in the future? Next, Mingfeng packaging Xiaobian will introduce it to you.
What is the main development trend of paper holder in the future:
1. The paper support industry may further develop towards personalization
In the past, China's paper support industry has made great progress in manufacturing scale and process level in order to meet the rapid development of various fields. Due to the large demand, China's paper support industry began to develop in batch and scale, meeting the needs of development. But at the same time, it also opened a homogenized competition and price war. With the development of society, branded products gradually occupy a leading position in the market. How to reflect the brand value on the paper holder while improving the product quality has become a new requirement for the paper holder industry.
2. New sales formats give birth to new paper support solutions
"A kind of paper holder means a market consumer group." in China, not only large and medium-sized cities, but also in the sales outlets at the village level, consumers' purchase behavior is placed under the eyes of senior executives of major leading enterprises. How to provide market-oriented solutions has become a breakthrough in the paper support industry. Enterprises that are customer-oriented and do not study the market will be phased out because they can't keep up with the needs of customers. New sales formats need paper support solutions.
3. The paper support industry will develop in an integrated and systematic direction
The traditional systematic paper support schemes, such as buying packaging materials and sending machines, are restricted with the implementation of the anti unfair competition law. However, the market has never rejected the overall systematic solution.
The field of paper support plant is not the superposition of single paper support methods, but should be considered on the basis of integrity. With the maturity of the market, suppliers who cannot provide complete solutions will be unable to systematically reduce the cost of paper support, and their bargaining power in customers will be weakened. Paper support enterprises need an integrated and systematic paper support method.
4. There is great potential to replace manual paper support equipment in China
Although the impact of the financial crisis on China's real economy is obvious, the employment problem that plagued many regions in previous years may be alleviated in 2009. However, in the face of large-scale production, no matter how cheap labor is spread in each paper support factory, it also shows its cost disadvantage more and more.


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