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What are the common structures of environmentally friendly paper holders?

What are the common structures of environmentally friendly paper holders?

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  • 09/16/2020
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No edge structure paper holder:
Edge refers to the structural component from the periphery of the outermost edge of the structure to the side wall of the structure on the surface parallel to the working surface of the forming formwork. The edge scale refers to the width value of the modified structural components. In the non edge paper mold structure, the actual minimum edge dimension is less than 2mm. No edge in the lateral buffer effect, mainly from the overall selection and processing. The lateral wall of the surrounding structure can be inclined or perpendicular to the load direction, and can be adjusted from this point of view to obtain the required cushioning effect!
Small edge structure paper holder:
In the small edge paper support structure method, the edge scale is generally 8-15mm. The force and buffer effect of the small edge structure method in the edge direction are related to the edge length and deformable space. It is mostly used for fixing and buffer under the bearing method. It is suitable for the application conditions of light weight of the packaged goods!
Tipping structure paper holder:
In the turning edge structure paper support method, the edge structure extends to the outside and forms a skirt turning out, so that the environmental protection paper support structure forms a relatively complete outer wall in appearance. Generally, in order to make the packaged product touch the mesh side of the paper holder to ensure the accuracy of packaging and fixed scale, and make the flat mesh side appear on the external surface, the turning edge structure method is ideal!
Heavy load structure paper holder:
The paper support of heavy load structure method takes receiving load as the primary application intention. The paper supporting die structure of this structure method may increase the die thickness, or add the die side placement density to obtain the bearing capacity and required overall rigidity of the structure. Heavy load structure paper support is more than the packaging of heavy products and mobilization packaging in transportation packaging!
Chamber structure and combined structure paper holder:
The paper holder of the chamber structure method selects the combined mold for production and processing. The paper holder is structurally a method of closing the cavity or forming into a small open container. The paper holder of the chamber structure method needs special molding equipment and technology to complete its production and processing. This paper holder is mostly used as a container or decoration!
Paper holder products with different structures have their own characteristics and application advantages. Enterprises can select them according to their own product conditions and needs, so that environmental protection paper holder packaging can play a better role. Mingfeng can now customize all kinds of paper holder products. Customers in need are welcome to contact and consult!


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