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What are the conditions of paper holder for material procurement and packaging

What are the conditions of paper holder for material procurement and packaging

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  • 09/16/2020
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In order to ensure that the paper holder and environmental protection paper holder meet the user's stage objectives, the paper holder strictly regulates the food hygiene and conditions for the procurement of materials used to make disposable pulp molded paper holder.
1、 It is necessary to purchase materials that are non-toxic, tasteless, healthy, clean, green, environment-friendly and energy-saving, and meet the relevant laws, regulations and standards of Runjia food quality and safety and green, environment-friendly and energy-saving.
2、 Coating additives used, varieties of coatings, flexible application scope and consumption (involving enterprise products imported from foreign countries). For the innovative products or imported products that are used safely for the first time, it is necessary to prepare the required data and certificates in accordance with the current Chinese national standard food quality and safety processing specifications, and review and handle the processing procedures.
3、 It is not allowed to flexibly use the material procurement under one of the following specific circumstances:
1. The proportion of chemical substances (such as pesticides and fungicides) does not meet the food hygiene standards;
2. Green, environment-friendly and energy-saving renewable materials;
3. Burn bleach.
4. High molecular compounds that have not been completely removed from the environment, and rough processed packaging products at the beginning;
5. Expired, degraded, moldy or environmentally damaged materials; The flexible use of various paper holders has different effects and functions, and the process stage objectives under different conditions are also different.


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