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56 cells quail egg tray
56 cells quail egg tray
56 cells quail egg tray
Product Name:Biodegradable 56 cells paper pulp quail egg tray
Material: paper pulp
Production Place:Shandong,China
Color: Primary or customized
Size: 310*310*42mm
Weight: 106g
Serial number: QET-056
Sample: Available
Certificate: SGS,ISO9001
Product Description

Store Fresh Eggs

Primary paper pulp quail egg trays for quail eggs, each holds 56 quail eggs. The split 56-quail egg design is perfect for use in stores, farmers markets, or egg stands.

Made from Recycled Pulp

Our paper egg trays are manufactured from recycled 100% reclaimed fibers. It is biodegradable and compostable.

Standard Size

Each quail egg tray tray measures 135*100*40mm. It can hold quail eggs and small pigeon eggs.

Maximum Protection

This clamshell quail egg tray holds up well in a variety of environments. its structure remains firm and Its shape provides maximum protection against breakage to ensure that the eggs remain intact during transport.

DIY Multifunction

 This reusable egg tray is not only a container for your quail eggs, also great use for arts and crafts or store crafting supplies.


Many kinds and customizable