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Durian tray
Durian tray
Durian tray
Product Name:Durian tray
Material: Paper pulp
Production Place:Shandong,China
Color: Primary or customized
Size: Customized
Weight: Customized
Sample: Available
Certificate: SGS,ISO9001
Product Description

Product Description

Fruit and vegetables are fragile products. It is, therefore, essential to store and transport them in packaging that will sufficiently protect them during transportation. Sturdy, protective, food-safe packaging prevents loss in the chain. That is why the fruit and vegetable sector is increasingly choosing solid cardboard packaging. This is a sturdy, moisture-proof, food-safe material. It has proven itself a sustainable alternative to plastic. Solid cardboard is made up of fibers that are pressed together very tightly. This product is, therefore, extremely dense, which gives the material its strength. This packaging can be stacked in higher, more stable stacks for transport. Meanwhile, the sturdy material ensures sufficient protection for the fruit and vegetables during the many kilometres they travel. Thanks to the solid cardboard's high density, the material is not only robust, but it is also moisture-proof. Especially if both sides are coated with a moisture-resistant polyethylene layer. This moisture resistance guarantees that the solid cardboard packaging remains sturdy in cool, moist conditions. These are the conditions under which fruit and vegetables are transported.




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